Visa of documents


Our legalisation department is open every day form Monday to Friday, between 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM

(legalisation of commercial documents PDF)


Export documents to the Arab Countries such as:

• Certificate of Origin (Original)

• Invoices (Original)

• Commercial documents:

• Transport

• Insurance

• Health certificates

• Analysis

• Associate agreement

• Contracts

• Power of attorney

• Other legal and commercial documents


Must take the following steps:

• Legalisation by the Swiss authority: Chamber of Commerce or Chancellery

• Visa from our Chamber (payment of our fees should be done in advance)

• Legalisation by the concerned consulate or Embassy



How to apply for our services


Simply contact the the Secretariat:

Tel. +41 (0)22 347 32 02
Fax. +41 (0)22 347 38 70


Or alternatively in writing to:

Arab-Swiss Chamber of Commerce

and Industry

Rue de Lausanne, 63

​1202 Geneva



Market research


Economic research and economic studies constitute a key factor for a successful project and a successful management.

The Arab-Swiss Chamber of Commerce disposes of a wide experience in the Arab world and Switzerland market, it has a wide contact network in the Arab countries and Switzerland. The availability of valuable information and data bases from different sources in Switzerland and from the Arab world and the high qualified team, constitute main factors of high quality of quantitative and qualitative research services. This service is open for all companies who desire to undertake business with the Arab world.


Research fields:

The research services includes all the economic studies, more precisely the Chamber can help your enterprise in performing studies in the following fields:

• Cost-Benefit analysis.

• Investment opportunities.

• Market structure and market share.

• Marketing strategies.

• Trade-related laws, and laws related to creation of enterprises.



It depends on the type of the research that we will perform.

Our members are entitled to substantial discounts on fees for research services, lists and publications.  These usually amount to reductions of 25% of prices applicable to non-members.

Seminars and forums

In addition to its annual General Assembly, the Chamber organizes business lunches and business seminars. The business lunches allow an ambassador or an Arab personality to present the political and economic situation and the economic problems of his country. It gives an overview of the investment opportunities in the Arab country. It is the ideal place where businessmen from both sides can meet to discuss mutual business opportunities and have contacts at the highest level.

Other Seminars:

In this context,  the chamber has organized business lunches for Arab countries including Algeria, Yemen, Lebanon, Egypt. (gallery)

The Chamber has also organized the Swiss-U.A.E. Business Forum, which was held at the Intercontinental Hotel, Geneva, 31st October 2008.
A Delegation of high personalities from The Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce and Industry Friday has attended this forum in addition to their homologues from Switzerland.  

Morover, the Chamber has organised Oman Business forum, July 31, 2009, at the Intercontinental Hotel in Geneva with the cooperation of Geneva Chamber of Commerce and Industry.



The Chamber's main role is to provide its members with all needed information about the business environment in Switzerland and the Arab World, and to link the potential trade partners from both sides. The Chamber provides mainly the following services to its members :

• Economic information related to the Arab Countries and Switzerland: Rules, laws, taxation, fiscal system, import licence, agency agreement.

• List of potential partners, commercial agents, distributors, financial position etc…

• Periodic publications to keep our members up-to-date with the business environment in both Switzerland and the Arab World through its Monthly bulletin.

• Up-to-date and friendly website.

• The Chamber organises seminars and forums in Switzerland in order to promote the economic relations between both parties. Arab delegations headed by important personalities from public and private sectors meet and discuss with companies and individuals in Switzerland for a better understanding and future prospects. The Chamber’s seminars represent a unique opportunity to meet with high-ranking Arab personalities, CEO’s in industry, banking, and trade.




The Chamber’s objective is to maintain harmonious commercial relations between Switzerland and the Arab countries.

The Chamber offers this service  in case of dispute through its experience and knowledge of the business and law environment in both Switzerland and the Arab world. Moreover, the Chamber has a network with the different Chambers of commerce in  Switzerland and the Arab world, which allows it to play the role of mediator in order to reach an amicable solution.


Small and medium entreprises


Among other services, the chamber is able to help Swiss and Arab Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) to enter and promote their services and products in Switzerland and/or in the Arab countries.

Small companies which are not in a position to spare time and money to travel and to explore the possibilities of looking for an agent, the Chamber will help to find a solution.

For any enquiries, please contact or write to Chamber’s secretariat.


Translation service


The Chamber is offering translation services from and to the following languages:

• French

• English

• Arabic