Arab Food Security Conference & Exhibition 2023

Aug 9, 2023 | Event

Marrakech, Kingdom of Morocco – 2-3 October 2023.

WELCOME TO THE ARAB FOOD SECURITY CONFERENCE & EXHIBITION 2023 on the theme “”Food Industries and their Role in Achieving Food Security””.

This Arab Food Conference & Exhibition 2023 is a major event, and we encourage our members and all of you to take part !
This event is organised to serve as a regional platform to discuss the latest trends, challenges and strategies to improve food quality, food safety, food security and food chain sustainability. The event will bring together food experts and high-level professionals from all food sectors, including the private and public sectors, universities, researchers and even the food media. 
It will be a landmark event in the field of global food security for the benefit of public health, community services and the interest of humanity. 

Under the High Patronage of His Majesty King Mohammed VI (may God protect him), the Union of Arab Chambers (UAC), and the University of Moroccan Chambers of Commerce, Industry, and Services, are organizing in cooperation with the League of Arab States, the UNIDO Investment and Technology Promotion Office – Bahrain, and the Arab Organization for Agricultural Development, a conference and exhibition on Arab food security, entitled: “Food Industries and their Role in Achieving Food Security”, in Marrakech, Kingdom of Morocco, on 2- 3 October 2023. The conference will be accompanied by an exhibition on food industries and a number of activities and workshops on capacity building for entrepreneurs and small and medium enterprises working in the field of food industries.

The conference comes in light of the challenges facing the entire world and the Arab world in food security due to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, the war in Ukraine, and climate change, which led to the deterioration of global food security levels. The latest statistics indicate that 868 million people do not have enough food, while 25 countries around the world have been considered in deteriorating and high-risk situations. The surge in agricultural fertilizer prices has contributed to lower crop production around the world. Whereas, the people in developing countries suffer the most from high food prices, especially in Africa and the Arab world, where a large part of their income is spent on food.

Whilst there is no longer a choice between traditional and modern methods, the only option today for the Arab world is to adopt sustainable farming methods and take advantage of modern technologies and smart farming techniques enabled by agricultural technology and the Fourth Industrial Revolution to deal with climate challenges, limited resources, promote production and efficiency properly.

The conference will be held as a continuation of the previous seven conferences organized by the Union of Arab Chambers as part of its unceasing efforts to enhance the role of the Arab private sector in investing in achieving Arab food security based on modern concepts and technology. As well as the dynamism of the private sector and its ability to keep pace with developments in the fields of sustainability and technology to enhance production and food safety.

The objectives of the event will be to open up new horizons for projects involving the use of modern technologies and discoveries and their smart applications to modernise the agricultural sectors in Arab countries.
To allow specialists to transfer their knowledge and exchange their experiences between Arab and foreign businessmen and experts, as well as Arab and international institutions working in the field of food safety and food industries.
To familiarise themselves with the relevant modern technologies and to activate Arab and international cooperation in these fields.

Participants to the Conference

The following will be invited to the conference:

  •   Ministries and competent official authorities in the host country and Arab countries.
  •   Chambers of Commerce, Industry, and Agriculture in the Arab World.
  •   Joint Arab-Foreign Chambers.
  •   Arab and foreign business owners and investors.
  •   Arab, regional, and international organizations and federations concerned with foodsecurity.
  •   Agricultural, food, industrial, commercial, and investment concerned companies.
  •   Banks and financial institutions.

Organized & Supported by

  •   Union of Arab Chambers.
  •   University of Moroccan Chambers of Commerce, Industry, and Services.
  •   Ministry of Climate Change and Environment of Morocco.
  •   Ministry of State for Future Food Security in Morocco.

In collaboration with:

  •   General Secretariat of the League of Arab States.
  •   Investment and Technology Promotion Office in Bahrain at the United Nations IndustrialDevelopment Organization (UNIDO).
  •   Arab Organization for Agricultural Development.
  •   Meazone Company.

More information in the pdf “Morroco Conference Concept Note” in English and Arabic

Link to the article on the : UAC-ORG