Unlocking Africa’s Industrial Potential: Insights from FITA 2024

May 31, 2024 | Event, Business, Economy

Date: 11th and 12th June 2024

Venue: Laïco Hotel, Tunis, Tunisia

Amidst the elegant halls of the Laïco Hotel in Tunis, Tunisia, the stage is set for the 7th edition of the international conference “FINANCING INVESTMENT & TRADE in AFRICA – FITA 2024” on June 11th and 12th, 2024. This prestigious event, organized by the Tunisia Africa Business Council-TABC, enjoys the esteemed patronage of His Excellency, Mr. Kaïs Saïd, President of the Tunisian Republic. With a distinguished gathering of government delegations, pan-African institutions, international financiers, and private sector leaders, FITA2024 promises to be a beacon of dialogue and progress for Africa’s future.

At its core, FITA2024 seeks to reimagine cooperation among African nations and drive integration forward. Under the theme “Strengthening Local Transformation and Technology Transfer for Sustainable and Inclusive Growth in Africa,” the conference will delve into multifaceted topics vital to the continent’s development.

This event transcends the traditional conference format; it is a convergence of minds, strategies, and aspirations aimed at fostering tangible outcomes for Africa’s economic advancement. The agenda features carefully curated side events covering critical subjects such as food security, energy challenges, regional cooperation, industry 4.0, financing, climate change, and logistical corridors in Africa.

FITA2024 offers a unique opportunity for institutional stakeholders and economic operators to engage with international finance luminaries, CEOs, funders, and investors. Discussions will revolve around revitalizing African economies, enhancing intra-African trade, and catalysing investment.

A key focus of FITA2024 is promoting Tunisia as an investment destination. The event will showcase Tunisia’s strategic advantages as an investment hub in Africa, highlighting its geographical location, economic reforms, sectoral opportunities, and role as a gateway to European and African markets.

Sector-specific discussions will spotlight key areas crucial for Tunisia’s and Africa’s economic growth, including health, education, agriculture, ICT, renewable energy, finance, and infrastructure development.

FITA 2024 Panel 1: Economic Geopolitics

Discussing strategies and governance frameworks essential for successful industrialization across the continent. Each country must tailor its action plan based on its unique circumstances, resources, and comparative advantages.

FITA 2024 Panel 2: Infrastructure and Energy

Addressing the infrastructure deficit as a major impediment to industrial development. Collaborative efforts, innovative financing mechanisms, and regional partnerships are crucial for addressing Africa’s infrastructure needs.

FITA 2024 Panel 3: Financing Industrialization

Exploring challenges and solutions related to access to finance for both governments and private sector entities. Creative financing mechanisms and improved business environments are vital for unlocking investment in African industries.

FITA 2024 Panel 4: Skills Development

Highlighting the importance of human capital development in supporting industrialization efforts. Reforms in education and vocational training are essential to bridge the skills gap and meet industry demands.

FITA 2024 Panel 5: Agrotechnological Innovation

Exploring the role of innovation in building resilient and sustainable food systems. Research, capacity-building, and knowledge-sharing are critical for accelerating the adoption of agrotechnological solutions in Africa.

FITA 2024 Panel 6: AI and Commercial Development

Examining the integration of generative artificial intelligence (Gen AI) in business strategies to enhance commercial prospects and technology transfer in Africa. The panel delved into opportunities, challenges, and best practices in adopting AI in the African context.

FITA 2024 Panel 7: Trade and ZLECAf

Discussing the potential of the African Continental Free Trade Area (ZLECAf) in fostering industrial collaboration and technological advancement across the continent.

Networking and B2B meetings will be integral components of FITA2024, facilitating direct inter-enterprise interactions and networking opportunities among business leaders, investors, funders, policymakers, and African entrepreneurs. The aim is to forge tangible business opportunities and partnerships.

Knowledge-sharing workshops and parallel events will feature keynote speeches by industry leaders, experts, and government representatives. These sessions will cover a wide array of topics, including market trends, investment climate, policy frameworks, and innovative business models relevant to the African context.

The thematic focus on strengthening local transformation and technology transfer underscores the conference’s commitment to addressing Africa’s industrialization challenges. Through seven panels and numerous roundtable discussions, FITA2024 will provide insights into key levers for sustainable and inclusive growth in Africa.

In addition to these panels, FITA2024 will feature an array of workshops and side events, including business forums, investment opportunities in various African countries, discussions on technical cooperation, and sessions focusing on specific sectors such as maritime transport, digitalization, and tourism.

B2B sessions will provide a platform for meaningful engagements, allowing participants to explore potential partnerships and business opportunities.

FITA2024 promises to be a pivotal platform for charting the course towards Africa’s industrial transformation. By fostering collaboration, innovation, and investment, the conference will lay the groundwork for sustainable and inclusive growth, paving the way for a prosperous future for the continent.

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