Date: March 9th, 2024

Venue: Alhambra Theatre, Rue de la Rôtisserie 10, 1204 Genève, Switzerland

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On March 9th, Geneva will witness a cultural extravaganza as “Les Toits de Beyrouth” association presents the first-ever live performance by Omar Rahbany, accompanied by the Lebanese Timbre Orchestra, at the Alhambra Theatre. This concert is not just a musical event; it’s a tribute to the rich musical heritage of Lebanon.

Omar Rahbany, born in Beirut in 1989, is a distinguished composer and pianist. Coming from the esteemed Rahbany family, Omar was immersed in the realms of music, theater, cinema, and dance from a young age. His compositions have been performed by prestigious orchestras worldwide, including the National Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine, the Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra, and the Lebanese Philharmonic Orchestra. Over the years, his works have garnered increasing interest from renowned venues and festivals globally.

Recently, Rahbany presented his latest spectacle, “Rahbaniyat,” at the Sheikh Jaber al Ahmad Cultural Center in Kuwait. This event showcased Rahbany’s own orchestra, tailored to adapt to diverse musical aesthetics. Now, Geneva awaits Rahbany’s live performance, promising an unforgettable experience that will revive Lebanese heritage through music.

The concert, scheduled to commence at 8:00 PM and concluding at 9:30 PM, will transport the audience on a mesmerizing journey through Lebanese melodies and rhythms. Attendees can expect a blend of traditional and contemporary compositions, reflecting the richness and diversity of Lebanese musical traditions.

This event is not merely about entertainment; it’s about fostering cultural exchange and preserving the legacy of Lebanese music. Through Rahbany’s masterful compositions and the soulful performance by the Timbre Libanais Orchestra, audiences will gain a deeper appreciation for the cultural tapestry of Lebanon.

In addition to the musical performance, attendees will have the opportunity to learn about the “Les Toits de Beyrouth” association and its noble mission. Founded with the aim of aiding those in need in Lebanon, the association provides financial, moral, and social support to individuals facing various challenges. From assisting the sick and indigent to empowering women in Lebanese society, the association is committed to promoting love, solidarity, and coexistence.

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About « Les Toits de Beyrouth »

At the core of “Les Toits de Beyrouth” lies a set of unwavering commitments, guiding their mission to uplift communities and empower individuals. These commitments include:

  • Aid for the Afflicted: The association extends a helping hand to the sick, afflicted, and indigent individuals across Lebanon who are unable to meet their basic needs.
  • Empowering Women: Recognizing the importance of gender equality, “Les Toits de Beyrouth” is dedicated to supporting and empowering women in both civil and professional spheres within Lebanese society.
  • Promoting Love and Coexistence: Through its actions and initiatives, the association communicates a message of love, solidarity, and coexistence, fostering unity among communities.
  • Youth Development: “Les Toits de Beyrouth” organizes and executes social and educational projects and gatherings for the youth of Lebanon, providing them with opportunities for growth and development.
  • Advocacy for a Healthy Lebanon: The association conducts awareness campaigns to contribute to the building of a healthy and prosperous Lebanon, addressing issues that affect the well-being of its citizens.
  • Education Support: Recognizing the importance of education, especially for children and youth, the association assists them in pursuing their studies, even partially, to ensure a brighter future.
  • Legal Advocacy: “Les Toits de Beyrouth” works towards updating laws concerning women, children, and families to better reflect their needs and provide them with enhanced protection.
  • Support for the Middle Class: The association is committed to revitalizing the middle class and supporting its various components, recognizing its crucial role in the socio-economic fabric of Lebanon.

Transparency is a cornerstone of the association’s operations. Every case they undertake is meticulously documented, and all funds collected or disbursed are transparently listed in their annual reports. Registered with the French legal and administrative authorities, “Les Toits de Beyrouth” ensures the ethical and responsible distribution of all donations received from generous benefactors.

The journey of “Les Toits de Beyrouth” began with a simple yet powerful idea – to aid those in need. Inspired by the success of telethons in France, founder and current president Dalia Dagher initiated the first telethon in 2013, named “Stouh Beirut” (The Roofs of Beirut), which garnered significant support and aid for individuals and families across Lebanon.

Since its official establishment in 2017, “Les Toits de Beyrouth” has continued to stand alongside those in need, offering support and assistance in various forms. From providing financial aid for medical procedures to supporting organizations like the “Kids First Association,” which assists children battling cancer and blood disorders, the association has made a tangible difference in the lives of countless individuals.

The annual telethon remains a vital part of “Les Toits de Beyrouth’s” fundraising efforts, enabling them to raise substantial funds that are distributed to families in need. Through live broadcasts and online platforms, the telethon engages viewers and encourages them to contribute, thereby amplifying the impact of the association’s humanitarian efforts.

As “Les Toits de Beyrouth” continues to evolve and adapt to the changing needs of Lebanon, their commitment to providing hope, support, and solidarity remains unwavering. With each passing year, they renew their dedication to making a positive difference in the lives of those they serve, ensuring that the spirit of compassion and generosity continues to thrive in the hearts of all who support their cause.

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