UNCTAD eCommerce Week 2023

Nov 30, 2023 | Event

Regional cooperation for safe online consumer markets 

4 December 2023 | 13:00-14:00 CET (GMT+1) – Online

CASCI is pleased to invite you to an online session dedicated to product safety, which will be led by Arnau Izaguerri, Legal Officer at the Directorate of Competition and Consumer Policies of UNCTAD.

Mr. Izaguerri will act as the moderator alongside distinguished speakers, including:

  • Mr. Khalid Al-Siyabi, Head of Market Regulation and Market Surveillance, Consumer Protection Authority of Oman;
  • Dr. Willard Mwemba, CEO, Competition Commission of COMESA;
  • Ms. Isabelle Pérignon, Director for Consumers, DG Justice and Consumers, European Commission;
  • Ms. Teresa Moreira, Head of Competition and Consumer Policies at UNCTAD.

The session, organized by UNCTAD in collaboration with the European Commission, CASCI – the Arab-Swiss Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and COMESA, will focus on strengthening regional cooperation to ensure safer online markets for consumers.

This session will underscore the crucial importance of regional cooperation in a context where online commerce is experiencing exponential growth. Ms. Teresa Moreira, Head of Competition and Consumer Policies at UNCTAD, will introduce the discussion, highlighting the organization’s key role as a guardian of the United Nations Guidelines for Consumer Protection. She will also emphasize the need for international cooperation to address challenges posed by hazardous products in cross-border online transactions.

The session will examine efforts made by different regions, such as Oman, COMESA, and the European Union, to enhance consumer protection in online markets. Special attention will be given to the European Commission’s framework, including the Digital Services Act, the General Product Safety Regulation, the commitment to product safety, and enforcement measures such as the eSurveillance web search engine and the Safety Gate portal.

The European framework aims to establish clear rules for online platforms, strengthen product safety regulations, encourage voluntary company commitments through initiatives like the product safety commitment, and enhance enforcement mechanisms to detect and address hazardous products online.

Finally, the session will conclude by emphasizing the importance of regional cooperation, highlighting examples such as the European Rapid Alert System (Safety Gate), Coordinated Activities on Product Safety (CASP), and communication strategies to raise awareness among businesses and consumers about product safety. The overall objective of this session is to explore concrete ways to improve regional exchange of data and information, contributing to the creation of safer online markets for consumers.


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