Regional Partnership for the Promotion of Sustainability Reporting in the Gulf States and Neighbouring Countries: UNCTAD Workshop

Apr 15, 2024 | Workshop, Business, Economy, Event

Date: May 9th, 2024.

Venue: Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre, UAE.

The forthcoming Regional Partnership for the Promotion of Sustainability Reporting- UNCTAD Workshop represents a pivotal moment for stakeholders in the Gulf States and neighbouring regions. Set to unfold on Thursday, 9th May 2024, at the esteemed Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre in the United Arab Emirates, this event is poised to catalyse collaboration and fortify commitment toward sustainable practices across the region.

With a meticulously crafted agenda, the workshop aims to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of sustainability reporting, traversing from an assessment of the current landscape to the implementation of practical strategies. Structured into three informative sessions, attendees will engage in a deep dive into various facets of sustainability reporting, geared towards instigating tangible progress.

The initial session serves as an illuminating overview of the prevailing state of sustainability reporting within the Gulf States and neighbouring countries. Esteemed experts in the field will share key insights, emerging trends, and prevalent challenges, fostering a nuanced understanding of the regional context among participants.

Subsequently, attention will pivot towards pragmatic implementation strategies and assurance standards. Through interactive dialogues and illuminating case studies, attendees will glean invaluable insights into the seamless integration of sustainability reporting within organizational frameworks, enabling them to navigate the complexities with confidence and efficacy.

A highlight of the workshop lies in the dedicated working meeting designed for Regional Partnership members and prospective participants. This session is envisioned as a dynamic forum for collaboration and knowledge exchange, where stakeholders can pool their expertise, share best practices, and collectively chart a course for concerted action in advancing sustainability reporting standards across the region.

Moreover, participants will have the unique opportunity to augment their knowledge through specialized training on the practical application of sustainability disclosure standards. Facilitated by seasoned experts in the field, this training will delve into the intricacies of the International Sustainability Standards Board (ISSB) – IFRS S1 and S2, equipping attendees with actionable insights to navigate the evolving landscape of sustainability reporting with acumen and proficiency.

The significance of this workshop is further accentuated by its strategic alignment with the AIM Congress 2024, taking place concurrently at the same venue. Under the overarching theme of “Adapting to the Shifting Investment Landscape: Harnessing New Potential for Global Economic Development,” the AIM Congress provides an apt platform for exploring synergies between sustainability reporting and economic prosperity. This flagship event focuses on the challenges and opportunities shaping the global economy.

Through this synergistic collaboration, participants of the workshop will gain access to a curated selection of sessions at the AIM Congress, courtesy of a limited number of complimentary passes extended by the organizers. This convergence of events presents a unique opportunity for cross-fertilization of ideas and perspectives, fostering an enriching discourse on sustainable development and investment practices.

Considering the foregoing, we extend a heartfelt invitation to stakeholders across the Gulf States and neighbouring regions to partake in this landmark workshop. Your active participation and engagement are integral to shaping the trajectory of sustainability reporting and propelling positive change within our communities and beyond.

We urge you to seize this opportune moment to register for the event and disseminate the program among relevant stakeholders in your country. By doing so, we can unite in our commitment to shaping a future that is not only sustainable but also equitable and resilient. Together, let us embark on a collective journey toward creating lasting impact and securing a better world for generations to come.

Federation of GCC Chambers of Commerce, Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce, Oman Chamber of Commerce, Kuwait Chamber of Commerce, Riyadh Chamber of Commerce, Qatar Chamber of Commerce, Bahrain Chamber of Commerce.

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