Veltracon Lifestyle 

Apr 11, 2022 | Members

Veltracon Lifestyle SA provides all kinds of lifestyle related services to family offices and high net worth individuals around the globe. With a holistic approach, Veltracon acts as a full service agency to its clients and their families. The main areas within the lifestyle service coverage include:

  • Travel management and designing bespoke holiday experiences in Switzerland and around the globe
  • Sourcing of rare and limited automobiles, luxury watches and other luxury goods
  • Fine art consulting, acquisition and sales of art works as well as commissioned works
  • Access to all kinds of sold-out and invitation-only events as well as organizing and hosting private events
  • Security services
  • Private education (boarding schools and summer/winter camps in Switzerland)
  • Medical services (access to specialists and the best private clinics in Switzerland)

Veltracon Lifestyle AG want to deepen the business relationships between Switzerland and GCC countries. We are glad to share some news on our business developments

Tim C.Daum, Partner of Veltracon Lifestyle AG.

Veltracon Lifestyle is a 24/7 VIP service provider, whose management has been active and successful in the luxury industry for more than a decade and over time have created an extensive, international VIP service network.