The Arab Swiss Chamber of Commerce and Industry, in collaboration with the Mission of Oman and the Union of Arab Chambers, is pleased to inform you that this year’s WTO Public Forum will be organized from 12th to 15th September 2023 under the theme “It Is Time For Action.” CASCI are delighted to welcome you to their session at the WTO Public Forum: 14/9/23 at 15.15-16.30. The session will focus on “The Role of the Arab Private Sector in Saving the Planet”.

Session summary : The private sector plays a major role in the upcoming climate transition. Innovation , technology, investments in renewable energy, corporate sustainability, emissions reduction, and consumer awareness are all areas where the private sector is the main actors in.

An essential phase in accomplishing climate transition and sustainability goals is the sustainable actions announced and implemented by companies to control and reduce greenhouse gas emissions with a goal of net zero emissions by the mid-of-the-century.
The presentation of sustainability initiatives being undertaken by companies in the Arab region to contribute to the climate transition and their potential outcomes will be discussed during this session. It will also go over the challenges facing companies to comply with ESG standards, and the challenges associated with accessing financing , technology, and data.

Members of CASCI and other private sector members who wish to attend the WTO PF sessions must register using the link provided below

Last-minute and onsite registrations will not be accepted for the event. Participation at the Forum is free of charge. The 2023 Public Forum will be held in person at the WTO in Geneva. The online registration form, which must be completed by all participants.

The 2023 Public Forum is entitled “It is Time for Action”. The sub-themes are “The role of the services sector in sustainable trade”, “Inclusive policies for the advancement of green trade” and “Digitalisation as a tool for the greening of supply chains”.

The Forum will have more than 120 sessions focusing on how trade can contribute to a greener and more sustainable future. The provisional programme is available here.

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The WTO Public Forum is a unique global platform that brings together actors from the public and private sectors, non-governmental organizations, academics, media, and representatives of civil society. This event offers a valuable opportunity to exchange ideas, discuss global trade-related challenges, and promote joint solutions.

Each edition of the Public Forum addresses current issues related to international trade, such as trade policy, sustainable development, innovation, digitalization, e-commerce, trade barriers, economic development, etc. These themes reflect the concerns and challenges of contemporary global trade.

The sessions of the WTO Public Forum delve deep into key issues, analyze emerging trade trends, and share best practices. One of the highlights of the Public Forum is its commitment to open and inclusive dialogue. Participants are encouraged to express their viewpoints, ask questions, and exchange ideas with other participants. This fosters diversity of perspectives and enriches the discussions.

The Public Forum offers excellent networking opportunities, allowing participants to connect with professionals from various fields related to international trade. This can open doors for new business collaborations and partnership opportunities.

In summary, the WTO Public Forum is a must-attend event for anyone interested in international trade, offering a unique opportunity to debate, learn, and share ideas with experts and stakeholders from around the world.