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According to the African Development Bank, East Africa is the only region on the continent which maintained economic growth and avoided a recession during the COVID pandemic. Djibouti is one of its countries, and it provides access to the many opportunities of the East African region.

Taking part in the 3rd edition of the Djibouti International Trade Fair will provide you an exclusive access to investment opportunities not only in Djibouti, but also in a region with multiple possibilities.

Several hundred exhibitors from all over the world are expected at this Fair, including Djiboutian companies and those from the region, major international groups interested in the African market and the institutions bringing together the private sector in partner countries. This exhibition will allow participants to meet potential customers, build a network of contacts through representatives from all over the region, and consolidate ties for business partnerships.

The previous edition, in December 2018, was an unprecedented success in Djibouti and aroused massive enthusiasm from companies but also from the general public. Indeed, the second international fair in figures, was : more than 12,000 recorded entries ; 250 exhibition stands ; and a total of 21 countries represented.

In 2021, East Africa has recorded a GDP growth rate of 5.9% broken down as follows: 46.8% for the service sector, 29.2% for agriculture, 24% industry (without manufacturing) and 9.6% for the manufac- turing sector. It is also to note that the agricultural sector has a higher rate than the other regions of the continent. Foreign direct investment (FDI) represents 23.6% of GDP.

The 3rd International Fair will be a fantastic opportunity for you to promote your company and broaden your field of activity.
The Djibouti Chamber of Commerce warmly invites you to take part and seize this opportunity to meet the region’s key players, influential businessmen and women, investors and regional and international institutions.

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